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Aug. 16th, 2009


Aug. 13th, 2009

Thought we'd tell you this up front because we know you hate waiting,
waiting, waiting drives us up the wall, waiting misses the flight, loses the match,
waiting never gets
round to it, waiting dosn't ask for the pay rise, waiting dosn't get to the front,
waiting never finnishes first.

                                                  Then there's impatience.
           Impatience got us faster cars, microwaves, remote controls and jets.
                       Impatience is in first, on top, at the front,
                    Impatience wants more and more and more and more. 
                                                   And call her, call her right now.
                               Why wait for friday night, whats wrong with tuseday morning?
                                                                           If the movie's boring leave, if the meeting's dull walk out, read the last page of the book, watch the last fifthteen miniutes first.
                                                   Get up early stay out late 

                                      Patience is knowing your bored and doing nothing about it.
                                      Impatience is a virtue.


                                                                        Faster. Brighter. Better.



Aug. 8th, 2009


Aug. 8th, 2009

As I type this I am heading towards a place I shouldn't want to be.
Unfortunatly I do want to be there so commen sence is fucked.

Writer's Block: Two Truths and a Lie

Post two truths and a lie about yourself as an answer to Writer's Block. Have people guess which is the lie in the comments.
I dont really like having birthdays.

I went to the gym yesterday.

I am currently at my granny's house in my grandpa's old study.

I accidently left the parent trap running and I can hear it ending.
Thats annoying I cba to rewind it. 
It would be lovely to be rich then I could afford to take a taxi home from town.
Nice to make contact with humanity again. Two weeks away is too long.

Went to see harry potter with sofe, alex and his friends.
Its hard to say what I thought of the film. Conmpred to the book it was obviously crap.
And for some reason they burnt down the weaslys house which I thought was a bit shit.

Still Rupert Grint and Tom Felton are hot which made it worth watching.

I am confused, excited and bored.

I bought a pretty dress from hudson+hudson.
I couldnt find my bus, it dissapeared.
got home eventualy and am now wearing my new dress.

my mind has gone blank.

Writer's Block: Busting Blocks

It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?
Me and bec watched almost famous yesterday.
Fucking awsum film.


Writer's Block: Listen to This

If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
I would suggest they come with me to barfly on the 8th of augst to see working class heros.
Well I´m in menorcia :)
Thats spelt wrong but its too hot here for me to care.

I spent the day on a sunlounger by the pool.
I always think too much when i´m here.

The past few days i´ve been thinking a lot but now that i´m finially infront of a computer and logged on to my livejournal i cant remember whats it was i´ve been thinking about.

I got a weird text yesterday.
It was from Ed. He said thats he´s sorry for everything.
Which i´m assumeing means "sorry for blanking you for no reason." 
Which is nice.

Jesus its too hot to think here.

I really hate when people scrape their plates with cutlery. it makes me scream.

I tend to lose track of time out here.

Wow i´m in the middle of a conversation that sound worryingly similair to one i had before.

argh. screw this I cant think.